Description of nearby environment – especially attractive region: 3 national parks

High Tatras(12km) – a part of Europe worth seeing!

High Tatras are above all a beautiful natural environment, where you can find an ever-varying relief of meadows, softwoods, lots of vast ice valleys surrounded by barricades of steep hills, breath-taking lakes and blind lakes on a relatively small space. Hight Tatras form a well-integrated hill complex that allows its visitors to enjoy many activities like hiking, mountain-climbing and skiing. Tourists from all around the world are drawn here for the rich sport possibilities and an abundant of tourist attractions. The unique climate of High Tatras benefits overall health of your organism and provides great resources for spas and wellness institutions.

Slovak Paradise(27km) – as the name suggests, is really a paradise

Discovering natural beauties, hiking, relax and sport opportunities, all this and more can be found in Slovak paradise. It is a place that has become one of the highest rated national parks in Central Europe, thanks to its unusual natural beauties. If you’re looking for untouched nature and many natural treasures all in one place, Slovak paradise is definitely the right destination to go. It offers many different possibilities for active or passive relaxation. The hill region at east of Slovakia had deservedly become a national park and really is, as the name suggests, a paradise. Hardly anywhere can you find such bewildering beauty of flat country, abysses, canyons, chasms, tablelands, caves and waterfalls.

National park Pieniny(30km) – the region of raftsmen and the flying monk Cyprian

Pieniny is a region known for its picturesque land with well preserved folk architecture elements, narrow seams of fields interrupted by steep balks, and deep woods. The coexistence of man and nature created the charm and beauty of this land. It is not a coincidence that this domain is the cradle of international nature preservation in Europe. The biggest attraction of this region is running the rapids of Dunajec river on traditional wooden rafts, which can please even the most demanding tourists.

Aqua City Poprad (12km) – The world's leading green resort

13 pools, slides, Jacuzzis, 11 inhaling rooms and saunas, many procedures and activities. In AquaCity you can enjoy bathing in thermal water indoors or outdoors regardless of the weather. Outdoors you can relax in geothermal water with a view of snowy Tatran peaks and indoors you can find pleasant bathing provided by gently lighted pools with mineralized water. Visitors also enjoy wellness centrum Vital world, cryotherapy, spinning center and Thai massages. It’s only up to you, if you decide to relax in gently bubbling water, or some specialized device. Either of them benefit both the body and soul.

Vrbov – Thermal Park ( 6 km)

You can find ten pools in the area, four of them for children. Water temperature is from 26 centigrade to 38 centigrade. Thermal park Vrbov is open all year round. The thermal water benefits nervous system, breathing, circulatory system and locomotory.

Veľká Lomnica - Golf resort Black Stork - the biggest golf resort in Slovakia (7 km )

This biggest golf resort in Slovakia is located at the roots of High Tatras, so you can enjoy beautiful scenery of high mountain peaks while you play. Try out playing on a kopmlex 27-hole playground. The biggest enclosed teeing ground in Slovakia is a rarity in favor of this club.

Levoča and surroundings (26 km)

Not far from there a beautiful middle-age city Levoca is located, surrounded by palisades and with a town hall, that is considered to be the best looking building in Slovakia. In the Church of saint Jacob you can find the highest wooden altar in Europe, measuring 18,6 meters.

For those of you, who want to touch history, we recommend visiting Spis castle. It is a part of Europe culture. Building of this castle lasted for almost 600 years, and that is why history, life, work and intellect of Slovak people form 12 century until today is imprinted on it. It is the biggest castle ruin in central Europe, a national cultural monument and a locality of UNESCO world heritage.

There are plenty of possibilities how to enjoy a nice holliday here. All you need to do is come!